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EuroKing features in EHI special report on Maternity Systems

21st January 2013


EuroKing featured in E-Health Insider’s special report on Maternity Systems, where Wellbeing Software Group’s Director of Operations, Steve Avery provided an expert insight: “The more you talk about the challenges of working without a modern IT system, the more you wonder how on earth they manage.” Avery, though, is feeling optimistic. Last autumn, for example, he attended a meeting of maternity systems providers at 10 Downing Street which challenged them to develop modules that could capture women’s demographics, expected delivery date, and email. This would be fed into the new Information Service for Parents, which plans to send out health advice to new mums tailored to their baby’s age. “It’s just one example of how this market is becoming more dynamic and reinvigorated,” he says.

Please click here to read the full report on the EHI website.

From left to right: Alistair Richards, Craig Smith, Chris Yeowart, Steve Avery