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EuroKing announces successful go-live of e-CTG solution at North Bristol Trust

22nd July 2014


EuroKing, a leading provider of maternity information systems across the UK, today announced a successful go live of its integrated cardiotocography solution, Mosos e-CTG, at North Bristol NHS Trust. Traces are now being received from the 5 beds in Antenatal Assessment Unit, and the 12 rooms in the Central Delivery Suite will follow in the next few weeks. The functionality is provided via a partnership with BMA, a provider of obstetrics solutions and market leader in Benelux for almost 30 years.

Mosos e-CTG is a user-friendly obstetric information system which records and presents CTG signals and provides a continuous insight into all aspects of the CTG, including the physical condition of both mother and unborn child. This real-time monitoring and archiving solution utilises the latest technology for ease of navigation, and finger print recognition to assist log in and access. It is fully compatible with all CTG monitors, including STAN® and when combined with its integrated diagnosis tool, allows all events to be managed and recorded in real-time during time-critical situations. The software has been designed to be accessible from a variety of access portals, including touch screen devices and mobile technologies. It also includes bed and room management functionality via the PatientView module, an alarm monitoring function to provide alerts to relevant clinicians, while the Web Console provides live assessment of CTGs via the web. BMA recently received ISO 13485 accreditation and Mosos e-CTG has CE marking for medical devices.

Stephanie Withers, Practice Development Midwife at North Bristol Trust says: “We are delighted with the roll out, the training has been very simple, everyone has picked up the system quickly and we are extremely pleased. We can already see that the system will save time on the ward and improve safety, since it enables obstetricians and midwives to directly record and consult data relating to both mother and child, before and during delivery.”