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e-Health Innovations launch e-Health Survey

4th November 2013


E-Health Innovations, part of the Wellbeing Software Group, today announced the launch of its new e-Health Survey product which offers modules focussed on delivery of current healthcare information demands. Its new NHS Safety Thermometer module will help NHS Trusts across the UK undertake and enhance the NHS Safety Thermometer, part of the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) initiative. The solution simplifies ‘point of care’ patient surveys using paper, computer or portable device in any combination. The e-Health Survey application then gives users a centralised, real-time and assured view of nursing quality in their organisations. The solution has been successfully piloted over a number of months in two large NHS Trusts with excellent feedback from both frontline staff and managers.

The NHS Safety Thermometer was introduced to be used by frontline healthcare professionals to measure harm at the point of care, with its use incentivised through a national CQUIN payment programme. A comprehensive return can generate significant additional revenue – in the region of £800k for a large trust. e-Health Survey provides healthcare organisations with a flexible, efficient and secure data capture and information management solution. The ‘Safety Thermometer’ module is proven within the NHS to significantly reduce the time and effort associated with managing the NHS Safety Thermometer process. Optimised reporting features provide real-time visibility of patient safety issues, offering greater assurance of data quality and the achievement of CQUIN payment gateways. It enables multiple data capture methods including optional integration with existing clinical systems and allows users to collect and manage data across both hospital and community care settings.

Fiona Middleton, Associate Director of Patient Safety, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust says: “e-Health Survey saves time, improves patient safety and enhances data quality in a cost effective way. It significantly reduced the amount of time and effort spent undertaking the NHS Safety Thermometer return.”

Matthew Smith, Product Manager at E-Health Innovations says: “We are delighted to bring to market a solution which helps healthcare organisations to make genuine improvements and release staff time back to caring for patients.”