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CfH report ‘All RIS Systems are Go!’

28th March 2013


CfH PACS blog comments on “good progress” and what to do about RIS audit data

One area of the PACS exit programme that was always going to be a challenge was the facilitation of 69 trusts moving their LSP RIS to a locally run system. Unlike PACS, the closure of the RIS central data centres can only take place when all trusts have implemented a new system. This implementation work obviously couldn’t commence until trusts had completed their procurement which has essentially squeezed the majority of deployments into a three month period between April and June.

In summary, of the trusts running the HSS RIS provided under the national PACS Programme, 58 of them have opted to retain HSS. Good progress has been made to date with five trusts in the South West Peninsula and eleven in the Cheshire & Mersey consortium going live early between January and February. HSS have recently published a go live slot plan to deliver the remaining 42 into live by June 30th 2013. A standard approach to implementation has been agreed and is now documented and well understood. A lessons learnt report from the Cheshire & Mersey implementation can be found within the Knowledge Portal section of the CfH website.

Chris Yeowart, Director of Strategic Business development said: “This is a programme of unprecedented scale and as acknowledged by CfH, good progress is being made and all trusts are catered for. The fixed deadline remains in sight, largely down to the commercial flexibility with which HSS initially approached the challenge. We commenced every single deployment without the protection of a contract – some, months in advance. With a limited timeframe and a significant number of trusts placing their confidence in HSS to ensure service beyond June, neither party could afford to wait for commercial formality. We also realised early on that 7 day weeks for 6 months was too much to ask of the team, so we embarked on a rapid recruitment process. We’ve doubled in size since the start of last year. I am relieved to report we now have customer contracts in place and an extremely focussed team delivering them – confidence in the HSS camp is high.”

The final piece of the jigsaw is the provision of an ongoing facility for access to the RIS audit trails. HSS are in discussions with a number of trusts with a view to hosting the audit trails centrally and providing trusts access to this. Whilst this is not intended to be a profit making service, trusts will need to make a contribution to fund the infrastructure and running costs. I am hoping that all trusts will sign up to this service as it both covers the medico-legal requirement to maintain audit trail access but would also avoid a challenging IG scenario whereby half the trusts on an instance want to retain the audit data via this proposed service and the other half do not. More information about this will be published once the provision has been agreed.

Regarding ‘the final piece of the jigsaw’, Chris added: “HSS is currently formalising an offering to provide trusts with access to historic audit logs that will otherwise remain in an unaccessible RMAN format at the end of the LSP contract. It is currently anticipated that the SHA RMAN backup tapes will be transformed and the data hosted within N3, so that it can be accessed when required and without additional cost. Based on guidance from CfH, it is envisaged that all trusts [whose data is currently hosted by CSC] will participate in the service to enable a cost effective solution to be provided. This will mitigate the significant cost and information governance issues single trusts may otherwise face should they require access to their audit log from within the raw RMAN output.”

A final proposal will be circulated shortly, but in the meantime, please contact with any queries or comments.

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