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Blackpool Hospitals implements EuroKing’s Maternity Services Data Set functionality

14th August 2015


The maternity department at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has successfully implemented EuroKing’s Maternity Services Data Set (MDS) functionality within its E3 solution. The department, which has used E3 for over 6 years and oversees over 3000 births each year, has now been successful in submitting the required data to HSCIC on a number of occasions.

EuroKing’s E3 Maternity System enables all areas of the Minimum Maternity Dataset and Maternity Payment by Results requirements to be collated quickly and easily. The solution uniquely gives users the ability to extract data in the correct format required for uploading to the MDS Portal.

Deborah Ashton-Ward, EuroKing lead at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says: “We have enjoyed working with EuroKing on the Maternity Data Set project, and are very pleased to be meeting requirements. Any issues that we encountered were sorted out quickly and easily by the support team at Euroking. We use E3 within antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care and for auditing and reporting purposes. We find it very useful and the requirement to upload to the MDS portal would have been significantly more onerous without it”.

Steve Avery, Managing Director of EuroKing, says: “We have invested a lot of time and effort to be ready for these major changes and we are delighted that our customers are benefiting from them.”

Pam Dobson, Clinical Lead at Euroking says: “Our aim at EuroKing is to ensure that Trusts are able to collect the relevant data in a simple and straightforward manner, without impacting unreasonably on the work of the clinician.”

EuroKing is part of the Wellbeing Software Group.