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Document management

ApolloScan is a complete document management system that is fully integrated with your clinical system. Any document, whether scanned, e-mail attachments, Word, Excel or PDF, can be stored and tracked by ApolloScan.

What are the advantages?

  • Documents are always available from any location
  • Improved management of document workflow
  • Significant reduction in storage space used by paper
  • Reduction in staff time used in filing and retrieving documents
  • Accurate audit trail of actions on each document
  • Browsable library of practice documents
  • Enhanced management of patient-related documents
  • Ability to import existing attachments (for documents already scanned in)
  • Allows achievement of a paper light and paperless practice
  • Supports direct electronic document transfer from secondary care providers

How does it work?

ApolloScan stores all scanned documents as encrypted ‘TIF’ files. Documents that are related to a particular patient can be “posted” into the patient’s electronic record, and viewed from within the clinical system as well as from ApolloScan. Other file types such as PDF, pictures and spreadsheets can also be imported and stored.

The system also features a sophisticated “workflow” system, which allows for the electronic distribution of scanned documents to intrays belonging to individuals or groups within the organisation. From here items can be annotated, re-assigned and marked for any number of user-defined actions. At each stage of the process the document and its current status can be viewed by any authorised member of staff, whilst a detailed audit trail shows the exact time and date of any actions taken.

Both active and completed documents can be quickly searched and filtered, either on an individual patient basis or for the entire document archive. The system can also be used for the management of non-clinical documents by either linking to an existing shared folder or by starting one from scratch.

 How much space does it use?

On average, ApolloScan uses just 2Gb of hard disk space per 5,000 patients per year’s worth of documents.

 Is it secure?

Yes. All the documents stored in ApolloScan are encrypted and automatically backed up overnight.

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