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Apollo Data Extraction

Turning data into information

Apollo Medical Software Solutions is the leading supplier of primary care data extraction and clinical audit services to the NHS and the Private Sector in the UK. Working in close partnership with clinicians and leading suppliers, our proven solution ethically extracts data automatically and out of working hours to provide valuable information for GP Practices, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Department of Health.  Apollo Medical Software Solutions integrates with GP clinical systems to extract the required data, which is then presented, amalgamated, in a standardised format tailored to the specific needs of the project. Patient confidentiality is safeguarded at every stage of the reporting process with anonymisation, encryption and appropriate consent forming the cornerstone of the extract process.

Accurate health intelligence for CCGs and CSUs

GPs, CCGs and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) all require accurate health intelligence from GP practices, however the differing audit capability and output format from GP clinical systems can make this a difficult task. Our comprehensive clinical audit and data extraction tool interrogates GP Practice databases and produces a wide range of vital reports.  It provides unmatched depth and flexibility for CCGs and CSUs wishing to audit practices with disparate clinical systems and can be used in a number of ways and tailored to suit requirements and budget.

Apollo data extraction is available for all major GP clinical systems and with over 250 standard reports available, as well as the flexibility of bespoke reports, the solution is already in use by thousands of practices across the UK for Department of Health sponsored projects such as the QOF Assessor Toolkit and others.

Intuitive and flexible delivery mechanisms

The solution can provide the information you need quickly and easily as follows:

Step 1 – Decide on the target population

For example: all patients with a record of diabetes or all female patients between 15 and 40 with no record of contraceptive use or advice in the previous 12 months.

Step 2 – Decide what data is required

For each patient in the population, decide what data is needed. Blood pressure, cholesterol level and other metrics; name and address details, diseases recorded, referral history, types of medication prescribed etc.

Step 3 – Decide on the implementation method

It can be deployed as Fully Automated, Semi Automated or Manual, depending on your needs, budget and the consent provided.

Fully Automated: enables the audit query or queries to be automatically downloaded by the practice system and run overnight. Once output files are created, they are automatically encrypted and transmitted to a chosen third party such as the CCG. Additionally if required, Apollo can assist in creating a central database into which transmitted data is automatically loaded for group analyses.

Semi Automated: means the audit query or queries are automatically downloaded by the practice system and run overnight. The practice then simply needs to email the output spreadsheet when ready.

Manual: means that the audit query or queries are made available to download from either Apollo’s website or one designed for you. Each practice downloads and runs the query manually and emails the output spreadsheet to the CCG coordinator.

The solution is compatible with the following GP clinical systems

  • EMIS Web
  • TPP SystmOne
  • InPS Vision
  • InPS Vision Enterprise / Vision 360 / AEROS
  • Microtest Evolution
  • Healthysoft Crosscare

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