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Apollo A3

A fully automated clinical audit toolkit

A3 is an automated audit tool designed to allow CCGs to carry out clinical audit across a number of GP practices – even if they are using different clinical systems.

A3 can be used in three different ways:

1 – National Standard Anonymised & Amalgamated Data Audit

Using a fixed set of national standards covering the GMS contract Quality & Outcomes Framework, data from individual practice clinical systems is gathered in an anonymised format and stored in a central database on the A3 server. Using this data, a CCG can carry out audits on all practices as a group.

2 – Bespoke Anonymised & Amalgamated Data Audit

Where a CCG wishes to carry out anonymised and amalgamated audit to retrieve datasets outside of national standards, Apollo can author reports to provide these datasets.

3 – Multiple Local Audits

A3 can automatically and remotely request each practice system to run local audits using that systems local copy of SQL Suite (the Apollo data extraction tool). A copy of the output from each local report can then be made available to the CCG if required.

Benefits to the CCG

A3 will allow a CCG to audit almost any data stored on a GP clinical system quickly and efficiently. Multiple audits can be run overnight with fully anonymised and amalgamated reports ready to be studied the following day. The management reporting power provided by such audit will allow a CCG  to more accurately judge local resource needs and will contribute enormously to public health understanding.


Based on Apollo’s tried and tested data extraction tool, A3 remotely gathers data from GP clinical systems at automatically scheduled times set to suit both the practice and the CCG .

The individual practice reports are then sent, suitably anonymised and in secure XML format, to the A3 Remote server. CCG-wide reports can also be produced directly on amalgamated data stored securely on the A3 Remote server. A3 is installed with a scheduler that automatically runs the required reports at CCG specified intervals or they can be run on demand. The scheduler also allows the CCG to determine and vary the frequency of reports.

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